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First outline season 8, episode 2


• The episode will have a duration of almost 2 hours.
• The first scene will take place in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Davos and Sansa are present here. Gendry and Tormund tell the rest that the Wall has fallen and the Night Watch destroyed. Tormund also mentions that the Night King rides an undead dragon and that they are severely fucked. Bran Stark confirms Gendry and Tormund’s story and tells that the Night King is on his way to Winterfell. Jon Snow tells the rest that they have no time to lose and asks Maester Wolkan to inform all of their banners, everyone in the North, to prepare themselves for a war against the Army of the Dead. They need to prepare for an attack at the battlefield of Winterfell.
• After having to process a lot of new information and struggling with his identity, Jon Snow goes to the crypts to visit his mother, Lyanna and his uncle, Ned Stark. Daenerys notices that there’s something wrong with Jon and finds him in the crypts. She asks Jon what’s wrong with him. Jon tells her that he even isn’t called Jon Snow. He calls ‘Jon Snow’ a lie people have made him believe all of life. Daenerys is confused and asks Jon for clarification but Jon walks away from her. Daenerys notices that Jon behaves aloof toward her.
• Daenerys walks out of the crypts, which Jorah Mormont notices. He asks her what happened down them in the crypts but Daenerys answers that she doesn’t know what’s up with Jon. She tells Jorah that Jon is hiding something from her. Jorah also tells Daenerys that it striked him that Daenerys has been so absent for days. She answers that she’s not feeling very well lately. Jorah proposes to have her examined by Maester Wolkan.

Link https://pastebin.com/YhdMdDqW

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